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If You Knew Someone Just Died In It

Interesting question and scenario I heard. Pretend you were shopping for a house and there is this one property that seemed pretty cheap. The reason for it is that someone literally had just died in it recently through natural causes and so the house is now being sold off. Would you be inclined to purchase the house still? This was interesting as a lot of people were turned off by that despite everything else and started to demand that the price be dropped more due to that.

It makes you think in those cases too on whether or not you should mention every single detail as even the smallest details can trigger off some kind of superstition. Would you be inclined to buy a property if you knew a person had passed away in it assuming everything was good such as the price? I guess this question could be asked in other situations too such as say if a car owner passed away in a car but nothing is actually wrong with the vehicle itself.

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