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If You Had Unwanted Valuable Collector Items

My friend was telling me today that she had a huge stack of collectible media as a person she knew simply didn’t want to bother lugging the items around anymore. Therefore, it has been sitting in her garage collecting dust. Since she was thinking of having a garage sale to clean things up, she was debating what to do with this stuff.

These aren’t just items that are worth a few dollars too. To the collector people would easily pay about $100 to $300 per piece. That alone made her iffy about even selling them at all as she knows she can just dump them in a garage sale and get rid of everything, but knowing there are people that put so much value in it she would rather have it in the hands of someone who would appreciate it.

Despite all this she did the smart thing though. She immediately went on auction sites like Ebay, researched classified ads like Craigslist and generally just searching the web to see what kind of value they had in the first place. Pretty swift way to give you an idea what they should sell for if that is the ultimate goal.

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