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If You Actually Weighed The Groceries You Are Buying

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I was a little surprised today as I went shopping for some vegetables where I didn’t want to buy a large bag from the supermarket. I instead went to a smaller grocery store where it was actually cheaper per pound by simply picking the vegetables out of a bundle. At the end of it said that I bought about four pounds of carrots which sounded okay.

As I brought it home and began to make raw juice out of it I noticed that it was producing way more juice than I normally would even with a full five pound bag from the regular supermarket I shop at. It then made me wonder if the scale at this store I purchased it from is wrong or if these pre-packaged bags of carrots from the supermarket simply have less in them than advertised.

Even I must admit I usually blindly trust the label on the bags in regards to how much product you are getting as opposed to weighing them in the store. With an example like this, it makes me wonder how much money we lose on average as a result of improper weighing of the product you are buying.

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