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The Idea of A Postal Lockout Nowadays

I just read some headlines today that the postal service here may go on strike next month. As a result there may be service delays and are warning people about it. When it comes to regular mail this doesn’t even affect me at all nowadays as most kinds of letters and documents I end up submitting are electronic. It makes me wonder why most people and businesses haven’t opted to go digital as well.

What this would affect though are online deliveries of merchants that rely on the public postal service to deliver packages. Though that would be more for the business to worry about. Because if I as a consumer paid for say next day shipping then it’s more for that company to find a alternatives. I just find regular mail to be a money waster in many ways such as having to buy stamps and all. The only time I do nowadays mail stuff is to process mail in rebates.

I was reading how some people were fine with this as to them it meant less junk mail. This story was a little different than what I am used to hearing as it deals with a lockout as opposed to just employees opting to strike too. Guess stuff like this is a good reason to always have alternatives as opposed to being dependent on one source too. I can imagine for a business it can potentially be paying so much more as it scrambles to find solutions.

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