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Having Hundreds of People Just Pass You By Without Notice

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Often in business companies try almost everything to get people’s attention in an effort to sell something. So what was interesting today was that I saw a street artist who was simply playing music where as expected they have their instrument case opened to gather tips. One thing interesting happened though which I don’t think he expected as hundreds of people started to gather up around him. No, it wasn’t for his music but rather people were playing that Pokemon Go game as right on that spot was an event.

It made me think how he had the opportunity to grab the attention of all these streams of people but for the most pert people just came and went. For example, I can guarantee if he started to play some music from the game that the crowd would recognize it and he would probably get more tips that way from a crowd who would otherwise not pay attention normally.

Kind of shows how you need to customize and cater specifically to the people that are passing by each day otherwise it is lost opportunity. What one person really values may not be the same as another. For like this case too it’s wise to customize based on that demographic.

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