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How Long You Work VS Producing Results

Today I was talking to a person that is experiencing a common circumstance when it comes to running a business or being self employed as when you are in a position where you must be fully accountable for your own income and results, this often means that if you have to work say seven days a week to get things going then that’s what you have to do.

The person I was talking to is currently not producing results to the point where he is making a steady enough income to be comparable to even a normal paying job and that he is so behind. He made a promise to himself to do what is necessary to succeed and at the same time mentions that he works so much harder and longer hours than if he was a regular employee for a company. In his mind, that shows that he shouldn’t have to work any harder than that as that should be a good enough to show that he is beyond a regular employee to be successful in running a business. An example of what he says is working hard enough is working on say a weekend on top of the weekdays as he feels that most type of people would get that day off normally.

While looking over at some of his work/projects, a lot of them were incomplete or was taking him longer than it should it seemed. When asked how long he actually worked on it the day before, he said none and mentioned that he works hard enough during other days which makes up for it. This kind of mentality always surprises me as I’ve seen and read stories all the time of people working say 14 hour days for seven days a week initially to get things going in a business and they don’t complain. Once everything was set, then they were able to relax more.

Even I said to him that in this scenario how long you work is not the same as what type of results you have produced. For example, if it only took you two hours to finish something then great. If you were struggling to complete the same thing and spent ten hours on it, I personally wouldn’t necessarily consider that as a reason to avoid doing other stuff in a situation where you are fully accountable for almost everything.

I guess a key thing is to draw a line between say rewarding yourself for doing a good job versus adopting an entitlement mentality. At the end of the day, your results speaks for you in terms of if you are working hard or smart enough to be successful as oppose to basing it on how long you have worked on something.

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  • The key is to work smarter, not harder…..building a ground/foundation is hard when starting out, but once it levels out and results of production are noticeable and you can reap some benefits of all the hard work- yes, I agree- you can then relax

    dee 8/8/2007 10:15 pm

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