How I Quickly Pay Off My Credit Card Bill
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How I Quickly Pay Off My Credit Card Bill

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It’s that time of the month again as my credit card bill has arrived and January is usually one of the bigger ones due to buying all those gifts for friends and family members during the Christmas season. I was pretty generous this time around again as I bought people things such as digital cameras for Christmas. My monthly balance up till the 16th of this January is $2742.83.

As I mentioned in my spending what you have post, I personally treat credit cards as a form of a payment rather than a way to buy something without actually having enough money to begin with. Now with that in mind, it’s just a matter of transferring funds from one account to the other. I know online banking is still a large concern for most people, but I have personally found it to be very secure and convenient. I simply make a request as to how much funds I want to transfer and to where as it shows me what my credit card balance is.

Afterwards, I wait for one of the banking agents to complete my request. The next thing you know, the funds are transferred and my credit card balance has been wiped out.

No crazy interest rates to worry about or fear of not being able to make the payment on time. Of course, this comes down to properly managing your credit card spending habits in the first place as if you can’t afford something without a credit card then maybe you shouldn’t be buying it at all yet. I’ve never had to pay interest on my credit card bill as I always pay it off in full and I can’t see how people can stand the thought of paying those crazy interest rates when you think about how much of your money is being thrown away by doing so.

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