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Holidays Are No Reason To Fall Off The Financial Wagon

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I always pay my credit card bills in full and every December whenever I get my statement there is this offer from the credit card company. Essentially, the offer indicates that the company recognizes that this is the shopping season where people tend to spend more than usual. As a result, they offer people a lower than normal interest rate and a longer period for when they would expect to receive a payment from you.

It’s like they are encouraging you to not pay it on time too as they emphasize how this is a way to give you a peace of mind to not having to worry about your expenses for the month. Kind of reminds me of someone getting pressured to drink like a barrel of alcohol and saying not to worry as they don’t need to work next day. Guess like with that most people don’t think about the effects that will come next day or so.

The holidays are no reason to fall off the wagon when it comes to your money I’d say. It only makes sense to stay with the same principles throughout the year such as not buying what you can’t afford. I think it is more fun to have a more prosperous year overall then having a blast one week while having to spend a large part of the year making up for that period.

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