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Holding On To Old Subscriptions or Services

And I thought this was a thing of the past. I was just reading how there are so many people who have an old AOL dial-up account despite the fact that they are signed up with another provider that gives them faster Internet connection. The main reason was that they have had it for so long that they might as well keep it incase they need it and that it just feels like a normal part of the bill for all those years. I would think that there are enough options nowadays to transfer all of your account info if necessary and such too if that is the concern.

I think for most people a more common item that would kind of fall under this category is a magazine subscription of some sort. Maybe it has to do more about change in general as a lot of people dislike that right? A little here and there can add up.

Comments to Holding On To Old Subscriptions or Services

  • I think one of the hard parts of getting rid of something like an old AOL account is that the user probably has a bunch of things such as an e-mail address, a list of favorites, a home page, etc., and it may be a pain to move these things over to a new account. I can relate to this as I was previously had a premium e-mail account with and held on to it for a long time before finally switching to gmail, which provides better services and is free. It did take some effort to notify all of the people and services that were sending mail to my excite account. For some people, it’s easier to just pay the bill, which is being automatically charged to your credit card anyway.

    joewatch 8/20/2007 7:01 pm

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