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Holding Back On Purchases Before The Big Sales

While it is Christmas shopping right now, a lot of retailers have prices on items that make it very attractive for people to buy things for themselves. However, knowing that boxing day is happening in a little over a week makes me want to just ignore all of the holiday flyers and sales.

Fortunately for myself I finished most of my shopping already too and therefore won’t be too inclined to go to stores if they have a Christmas sale. Another incentive is not wanting to deal with the last minute shopping crowd too.

I usually find that the few days before Christmas is usually when stores have inflated prices too to take advantage of all the frantic buyers. Again, one technique that helps a lot is to try and read up on what is coming up ahead. For example, just by doing a little research I learned that apparently there is going to be a store that is selling a DVD players for under $10.

Knowing that for example where if I was in the market for one I would feel kind of foolish if I didn’t hold back to purchase it later.

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