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A Hobby Activity As A Professional Skill

drone lake balloon

Today I met a person who was trying to learn how to fly a drone where for the most part he expressed that he was a beginner and was simply interested in practicing his skill. He then mentioned that he felt it may be a useful skill of sorts professionally in the future as flying drones to capture aerial photos for like construction sites is a high possibility in his future.

That’s usually very true where often times people take their hobbies and turn it into a professional skill that the market needs for whatever reason. I sometimes find new hobbies for that reason as well where I can have fun learning and doing something that I enjoy while in essence it’s like training you for the future too.

Almost like saying people laugh at those who are always on the computer and such as a kid. But then as an adult all that tech savviness from working with electronics and such is then a good commodity to have. That can be true for almost anything too. An extra incentive I suppose for expanding your interests in life.

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