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Hobbies Costing So Much Elsewhere

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This was kind of surprising to me as I was talking to a few people about some hobbies they enjoy and generally how much it costs to do things where they live. For the most part, the prices they were telling me were double of what I would pay here for pretty much the same thing. That made me think in terms of budgeting on whether or not your hobbies should be a factor too when you decide where to live as these are like one of those lifestyle choices that will cost you each day.

I know that is a big reason why when people go to trips they plan on trying things that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg where they currently live for example. The same thing can be said for things like trying different kinds of food. For myself a lot of my hobbies were developed with money in mind where I wanted to get the most for my dollar. Example, watching a movie for like $7 or buying a $10 game that will last at least for a few weeks?

Guess at the same time, knowing how much cheaper it is to do whatever hobby it may be where you currently live sure makes you think that you should take advantage of it more.

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