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Hindering Productivity With Rules That Will Never Fully Work As Intended

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So today I read this interesting article that had to do with an accident where apparently a truck crashed into a Tim Horton’s restaurant as the drivers were going to get some food. The odd thing was it was a six and eight year old in the car driving apparently. I was just thinking how ludicrous this story was if the parents actually consented the child to drive the truck.

It made me think as recently in Canada there have been these weird regulations put in place in regards to transportation laws in the effort to try and prevent any accidents from happening. Like in this example though you just can’t prepare for situations like this in many ways. Therefore, if you made a law saying trucks are banned just to try and prevent a situation like this all you are really doing is stopping the growth of an industry if you think about it.

It makes me think of even corporate policies that many businesses use where on paper it sounds great to get people to be productive when in reality it hinders the growth of a company. I know one funny example is how many times a company can hire an employee on say a salary contract where it doesn’t matter when they do it as long as they finish it in time per se. However, despite this they have a rule requiring the person to work at specific times in a micro-managing way. Like there the assumption is that having a rule like that should make things more productive when in reality it’s probably just annoying the person where you are treating them like a child. So be careful about making too much rules on things that you can’t really control one hundred percent.

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