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High Dollar Value Creating Quasi Sales

Recently it looks like the Canadian dollar has been rising up again compared to the US dollar and as a result a lot of retail stores appear to be dropping the prices of many of its items. Most people assume that the retailer is having a simple sale though and as a result purchase the products in droves.

This is one of those things I believe where even if you are not into investing or market information, it can teach you a lot in terms of when to look out for good deals too in your personal life. Example, there was one store that appeared to be having a sale every week for a particular category of items that kept dropping every week.

While many people thought it was just one crazy sale, most people who were looking at the market conditions knew that it would drop more due to the dollar and sure enough it did. Therefore, they knew that these weren’t really sales but rather just an adjustment due to the dollar rate. It was smarter to hold off too as they ended up getting better deals.

The news normally show the Canadian dollar rates all the time as an example as bare minimum knowledge of these types of things. So the next time you see things like this, even if you are not a business or investing type of person you can use this information to help you become a better money saver too.

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