Hiding or Embracing Your Beginnings
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Hiding or Embracing Your Beginnings

One trend I have been noticing is how successful people have been proudly showing their “bad” or “failed” work before they became big. This could consist of product ideas that seem like an infant came up with or doing presentations where the person is clearly an amateur. But the point of it of course is to show people that we all start somewhere and being able to look back at your work is a great reminder to keep going.

I was thinking though as many people when they start out simply want to burn any of their failures from the history book as they don’t want anyone to see it. They assume perception is everything and so if people see you with any kind of failure that will instantly kill your credibility. Many times though that simply isn’t the case. Showing that you can bounce back from failure is in many ways better than a person who has never experienced that kind of challenge. Because it proves you have persistence as an example.

It’s also very relatable. Haven’t you ever became friends with people because of those “You did that too?” type of moments as an example? I would imagine like there if the person always says their life is perfect and nothing ever bad has happened to them most likely people wouldn’t be able to relate with them and steer towards those that they do. We all start somewhere.

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