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Would You Help A Business From Being Scammed

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The other day I was in a store doing some price checking and I noticed that the employee was getting frustrated with a customer. From what I gathered, the customer was trying to return a camera to get a full refund and at first claimed it has never been opened. Upon inspection it appeared the box was tampered with and so the employee decided to check the content of the box to ensure everything was there.

The customer then started to tell a story on how she wants to return the item because she noticed that the battery was already in the camera upon opening it which tells her that the product has been previously used. Of course that is contradicting. As a result, she then kept talking about how she just wants a refund quickly. The employee got a little frustrated saying they need to check everything as they have been scammed many times such as people returning items with a brick inside the package.

I felt like helping out in the situation as I do have retail experience where I have pretty much seen it all in terms of illegitimate returns and it seemed like the employee wasn’t too knowledge about the item. For example, it’s not uncommon in a scenario like this for the person to return the item where they swap it with a lower quality battery. Would you be inclined to jump in when it comes to situations like this to help the business?

I remember when I was a kid I saw someone shoplift a bag of potato chips and I informed the owner about it. The reaction was very odd as he essentially told me to mind my own business as it doesn’t affect me. So that showed me sometimes it’s better to not get involved in another company’s business, so to speak. It’s stuff like this that usually creates higher prices for everyone else too.

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