Having Too Many Communications Channels

Having Too Many Communications Channels

This was funny to think about where when it comes to reaching certain people for business matters It can be integral to have a way for people to reach you immediately. Nowadays, the smartphone is usually a choice for most. But with that in mind I was seeing some funny examples how certain people use way too many platforms where people can reach them to the point where you are bound to miss one.

For example, imagine having a Discord, Facebook, X and so on where you tell people they can reach you in any of those platforms. Some people refuse to use certain sites as an example. But there is usually one site that the person uses more frequently and there was an instance where he got an important message which he missed as he didn’t check it as frequently. As a result, the contract went to someone else as the organization thought he wasn’t interested.

Like in this case, it would have been better to just use one communication channel such as telling people to contact you through your phone number. If you ever do have a gazillion different sites then what I do which helps is I often have say my main platform that I regularly check and all the other sites simply redirect the messages received there to one place where I can check everything. That is the most productive way I find to manage all your messages while being flexible to preferences that others may have.

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