Having To Pay More Than Minimum Wage To Attract Workers

Having To Pay More Than Minimum Wage To Attract Workers

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With a lot of places opening up again here one story that seems to be constantly mentioned is how businesses such as restaurants are struggling to find people to hire as no one wants to go back to work. It seems the culprit that is being blamed are the government providing income assistance programs during these time such as the CERB or now the CRB. For example, someone would rather sit at home and collect $2000 a month versus working at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage.

That’s where the debate came in as people were saying that is more of a sign that employers are simply not paying people enough. The other perspective I read is that with all the downtime many people began to rethink if they actually wanted to go back to the same type of work. Add the fact that the working environment is probably more challenging with things such as an increase of angry customers it’s not too hard to imagine why people aren’t quick to jump back to certain types of jobs.

I would say it’s probably a little bit of both as to why someone wouldn’t want to work. It makes me wonder for businesses would they adjust to it by actually offering more pay or use this as an opportunity to redesign their business to require less people?

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