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Having To Make A Purchase When Nature Calls

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I got a laugh at this today as I spent the majority of the day tagging along with another person where it required a lot of driving. He then humorously mentioned that he had to find a washroom but there didn’t seem to be any in sight. It’s almost reminiscent of the type of things you would see in a movie. Eventually we found a gas station that had one. The only thing was there was a big sign saying that the restroom was for paying customers only. Without hesitation he said he was just going to buy something as he couldn’t hold it much longer.

He ended up buying a chocolate bar that cost over $3. I know for a fact most places sell it for like $1 as well. We were then joking a bit on how many times a year people end up having to waste money like that. It does make sense in many ways for the business as you don’t want to be like a free hotel for people. Although, with the way the prices are it sure makes me wonder if that is an intentional strategy where they know they can capitalize on a lot of people each day who can’t hold it anymore.

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