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Having To Go Back And Forth

Today I found myself having to go back and forth between cities in an effort to attend all the scheduled meeting and appointments that I had for the day. I was thinking in this case if you don’t truly plan ahead of time you would probably waste so much money just on transportation alone. For example, I did decide to buy an all-day pass using rapid transit. Doing so saved me a lot of money from say driving a car around all day.

Sometimes we just overlook the best options for us financially for the day as we insist in using the resources that we are simply used to. Like in this case, if a person has a car they will insist in using it even if going to a place that has ridiculous parking rate would mean public transit or riding a bike would probably be a good if not better option. People usually tell me in these cases which require traveling back and forth using multiple solutions is usually best.

For example, one person could use the car to drive to a rapid transit system and then use that. I usually find that is the kind of planning you need to do to save money if you know you have to go back and forth between cities all day.

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