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Having To Financially Explain Buying A No Name Brand

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I thought this was kind of a cute where as you know kids can be picky eaters. In this scenario the child was going to put some maple syrup on his pancakes, but when he was given a no-name brand maple syrup he immediately mentioned that he didn’t like it. Keep in mind, he never tried it before to know if he likes it or not. The parent then tried to convince him that it is the same thing as the name brand stuff where literally the ingredients and everything were identical. This obviously was not true and the child didn’t believe it either.

The parent then got fed up and implied to the child that she spent all this money to buy this item for him where it is now going to waste. Funny enough, the child reacted to that and started asking how much the product was. At the same time, he was being educated truthfully now on why the no name was cheaper. This then got the child to be receptive in trying it and all went well.

It’s just kind of funny where like in these cases all you need to do is be truthful about the product and your intentions to save money. I know a lot of people would simply try to say it’s the exact same thing. In some cases that can be the case of course. But like here, usually when you throw the basics numbers at people even a child can understand so that you can all be on the same page.

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