Having Mediocre Sales When Business is Good

Having Mediocre Sales When Business is Good

This year a ton of people are shopping online due to pandemic protocols where businesses who have such platforms to sell products have experienced tremendous growth. While sales events such as Boxing Day are coming up and flyers being released it seems like companies simply aren’t trying overall. For example, a lot of flyers actually have items listed at the regular price. Reason being is it could be a hot item, but usually one would want to have tons of sales items at hugely discounted price. That made me wonder, is business going too well for certain companies where the incentive to push out a great sale is unnecessary?

By the numbers it wouldn’t make sense where if people are buying things at full price then why lose money by making it cheaper? But it made me wonder due to the expectation of the sales day tradition whether or not releasing bad sales would give people the impression that you truly don’t care to the point where the second things go back to normal or they have an alternative feasible company to buy from then they will not hesitate to go there.

I know for myself I would be inclined to keep releasing a crazy sale as expected where if the business was actually doing better I would probably release even better sales than before. To me, offering any kind of product or service is about serving your community as well. So if I know everyone has been having a rough year where I was fortunate to get way more than expected it just feels like the right thing do. Having a healthy community to maintain everything is just as important too.

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