Having All Services Under One Company Risk VS Convenience

Having All Services Under One Company Risk VS Convenience

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I was thinking today as I just finished migrating all the services I used to get from a company to another for quality purposes as things such as downtime was costing too much money in the long run. In doing the transfer I know some people would say you should never leave everything with one company because if they go down then your whole portfolio will go down with them. So maybe it’s better to use multiple companies.

That can be true but at the same time managing all the different billings with different companies can be more of a pain than it’s worth in many cases. Imagine getting your Internet and phone services with different companies just for the sake of separating them. While there are many cases it can be cheaper that way, if the deal you are getting makes just as much sense then the time you save having it with just one company seems more sensible.

I personally feel you have to at least save money or gain performance to justify going with multiple providers for these scenarios. I think at minimum having a potential backup to jump to right away if necessary would be the better precaution to take in scenario where you are worried about downtime.

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