Having A Great Place or Platform To Validate Your Work

Having A Great Place or Platform To Validate Your Work

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This was an intriguing thought as I was reading a piece about how when it comes to promoting work where it is being promoted can often dictate how people will view it regardless of the quality of the item itself. An example that was given was imagine you had a piece of painting. It was displayed at a gallery that wasn’t too well known. As a result, everyone would assume the value of the work is next to nothing. Now imagine the exact same painting got placed in a very well-known gallery. It’s highly likely then people will view it as more valuable because if it’s there I must be great right?

It reminds me of that funny advertisement that the company Payless Shoe made where they took its ordinary low priced shoes and faked a high class event where there were a ton of celebrities and fashion designers. Pretty much they all complimented how great they were and that they would pay say $300 for what was actually a $10 shoe.

This kind of shows you that it is very important to use the platforms and venues that will give you an equal playing field so that you don’t get pre-judged in negative way. In a perfect world we would all judge things for how they are. But it’s just a reality that this needs to be a factor in your endeavors as well.

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