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Having A Financial Plan To Avoid Scams

On one news channel today they were talking about how having a financial planner create a money plan for you can decrease the odds of you being taken advantage of by all these make money fast scams that are out there.

The reasoning was a pretty straight forward one where most fraudulent opportunities or bogus contests prey on people who are desperately searching for a way to make more money during a very vulnerable time. They then made a point on how these targets are usually people who have the money and are not sure what to do with it.

For the most part, the concept was that by having a financial planner they can help you create an action plan of sort that will help force you to stick to a certain plan on where to allocate your funds too. Therefore, if a deceitful money opportunity comes by your way knowing that you are already allocated your funds for something else won’t make pondering about that scheme an option.

Interesting way of looking at it. For me it’s mainly one of those if it sounds too good to be true it probably is mentality.

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