Having A Child Regardless of Finance Due To Biological Clock
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Having A Child Regardless of Finance Due To Biological Clock

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This was an interesting perspective as usually we would assume that most people would not bring children into the world if they know for certain that they were not in a position to take care of them financially in a way that would provide them equal opportunities as other children in the area to prosper. For example, just being able to go to school while having basic resources to do so.

But there was a perspective I head where someone said if you ever plan to have a child then you should do it even if you can barely handle it as waiting too long in life can mean you will no longer have the ability to conceive child in general. That would essentially mean saving up all your money to be used to raise a family would be for nothing per se.

Interesting way of thinking about it. I would still tend to try and make sure things are okay financially first. That makes me curious if paying for procedures such as egg freezing would be a more common option nowadays for those who really want to try and play it safe on both ends.

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