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Half Baked Experience To Save Money

Today there was that Wrestlemania 30 event and that means enticing followers to subscribe to like its pay-per view subscriptions which could be like $50. I was reading how some people didn’t want to pay that price and so instead they settled to getting updated through social media in real-time or listening to audio feeds. In some ways it almost reminds me of people trying to watch a largely anticipated sporting event on TV except since they didn’t subscribe to it they settle for a blurry picture in hopes to try to see something.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s kind of torturing yourself isn’t it? I would be inclined to say if you are really that into an event then these are one of those times where you should simply plan for it ahead of time and make sacrifices elsewhere. Example, no dining out for the week if you frequently so that. Or at the same time, it could simply be one of those rewarding yourself moments as we all need to have a little fun with the money we earn too. If that isn’t an option I usually just tune myself out period to whatever the event may be.

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