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Growing An Existing Brand Or Creating New One

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Today I was debating with myself in regards to a new project that I wanted to divulge in. At first my thought was to simply grow it by adding it to an already existing brand like say adding a different dish to your restaurant. However, I was then debating if it would be better to just create something new for it as in many ways it is kind of different in terms of a target audience. So which one would be the best choice?

That’s hard to say. But I think the main thing I was thinking of is the time and effort it takes to build something new as opposed to utilizing something you already have. Cause in that sense it makes sense to not spend like say another year trying to build a business/organization from ground up and then having to work hard to create awareness for it.

The more I think about it I think a good route may be to simply use an existing brand but introduce it in a light launch kind of way to see if there would be any conflicts or negativity in doing so. Very similar to how some supermarkets quietly introduce new products in the store. If it goes well they then go all out in advertising it. At this point I am thinking that is the best route.

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