Google Temporarily Loses Its Domain In Germany

Google Temporarily Loses Its Domain In Germany

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Well this has got to be one of the strangest things I have seen happen to a multi-billion dollar company. Yesterday late at night Google’s Germany domain had an ownership transfer. Any visitors trying to access were presented with this:

This is apparently a standard parking page type of splash page for newly registered domain as the request was done through a German company called Goneo, which appears to be a web hosting and domain registration company. Based on what I read the story was that someone had made a request through Goneo to have an ownership transfer of With that, Goneo then forwarded this request to DENIC which is the central registry for all top level .de domains. DENIC then sent this request to Google a few times without receiving a response. Within five days, DENIC treated that as a silent acknowledgement from Google of the domain ownership transfer and so it was processed as Goneo became the new owner of the domain. Apparently this wasn’t an isolated incident either as someone else had done the same thing within the same timeframe. So the domain ownership was transferred twice and both times there was no response from Google to deny the transfer.

Pretty amazing I must say. Not only is it kind of bad that no one within Google reacted to the request, but you’d think that with such a household name that t this whole thing would have been stopped by someone halfway as it would seem a little too strange of a request to be true.

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