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Google Maps Showing COVID-19 Outbreaks Business Thought

I think most people have read that many places are advocating that people should install some kind of tracking system to monitor COVID outbreaks as opposed to manually keeping track of people and then contacting everyone that may have come in contact with an infected person to self-isolate. While that has gotten mixed reactions, it was interesting to read today that Google will actually be implementing alerts right on its Google maps application.

From what it seems you would use the map to find directions as usually except now if there have been known exposures of the virus in an area then it will be highlighted. I guess with that people would tend to stay away from the area or look back if they were around there recently. That’s what got me thinking whether or not this feature could hurt businesses around the area.

For example, many people type in general terms such as restaurants nearby whenever they use Google maps to determine where to go on the spot. Now can you imagine seeing this highlighted building that had a COVID-19 case? I bet regardless where that shouldn’t mean the other business are affected people would want to stay far away from them as well.

I wonder how this feature will harm businesses in that sense considering the mass majority are still very scared about the virus to the point where some people even fully mask up in their own homes all by themselves as an example.

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