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Google And Amazon Showing How Having One Choice For Consumers Can Be Scary

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Recently it seems like Google and Amazon have been at war with each other where the people who will be effected the most is the regular customers and users. Apparently this animosity has been rising for quite some time where Amazon refused to carry Google related products in its online store such as Google Chromecast. The reason for this I would imagine is that Amazon has its own product such as the FireTV.

This resulted in Google trying to push its own corporate weight where they announced that its services such as Youtube will cease to function on Amazon devices such as the Amazon Echo and FireTV. This is something you would expect maybe rom two individuals in a dispute but for two giant companies like these that is kind of incredible I think.

Kind of makes you think how if one company jus dominated everything in these departments imagine what they would do with things like prices. Kind of shows you why competition and choices are a good where if the company has the option to do something like the above at times they will even at the expense of the consumers.

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