Good To Get Upset When You See A Better Deal So Soon
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Good To Get Upset When You See A Better Deal So Soon

The other day I bought two bags of avocado for my mom where it seemed like it was a great deal. After coupons and all it worked out to be about $2 a bag which is good considering about $5 a bag is the general normal price. Then I recently saw an ad on how another store was selling them for about $1.87 as a sale price without any coupons needed. That always gets me a little upset whenever I see a better deal so close to the date where I made a purchase.

But thinking about it, it’s actually good to a certain extent to get mad at this in a healthy way. Because that means you want to do better where this will stick with you longer on how if you are ever the thought of buying something just for the deal or sale price this could act as that extra nagging thought where there could be a better deal next week if you don’t truly need it right now.

Fortunately, in this case it’s groceries which isn’t too big of a deal too as well. Heck, I decided to even buy more at this price to give to my mom.

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