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Good Produce Deals That Are Just Too Much

large beets

This was kind of funny today as I was visiting some stores to try and find deals and I saw this rack of beets. The price seemed alright. But holy moly look at how large these beets were. For beets I usually only use it as a small raw juicing ingredient and so I am used to seeing the “regular sized” ones that can fir in the palm of your hands. Regardless if this was actually a better deal value wise the size was just way too big. It’s like the size of a mini watermelon.

You could say cut it up and then try and save the rest for another day. I just find that usually rushes you to actually try and consume more than you would have normally which in-turn mean you are spending more than you originally intended. Kind of reminds me of those large cans of tuna that are the size of like a large bag of popcorn. I would imagine you would have to be buying those for special events to consume that much.

If you are buying something like packaged candy then that can be different. But fresh produce is something I usually try to buy based on what I can actually consume in a timely matter while factoring in value too.

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