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Having A Good Form of Representation To Promote Growth And Partnerships

Today I attended these Korean festival which was free for the public and was supposed to help expose the Korean culture to the overall public. There was one fact that was mentioned which I did not know which was apparently here in BC South Korea is one of our biggest exporters even compared to places like Europe. That was surprising to me.

There was then a note mentioned on how there was an elected representative who happened to be Korean and was a big part of developing these kinds of relationships. It made me think how it is so important to have good representation internally within influential decision makers as you can be the best worker or have the best products. But if you can’t get the right people to connect with it then it is kind of useless.

Kind of makes you think where you should be investing your energy into. Especially when it comes to marketing as an example where if all it really takes is to convince that one person then that is different than focusing on the whole public in general. You have to know your audience I guess you can say huh?

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