A Good Deal For You As Opposed To Everyone Else
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A Good Deal For You As Opposed To Everyone Else

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Recently I was reading about this deal for some restaurant coupons where for the most part the deal seemed okay. There was a person that was super interested in it as they would be saving money. However, since the deal overall wasn’t that great a lot of people would say it’s a bad offer. Funny enough despite the fact that it would actually be a good deal for that person specifically for their needs because everyone else says it’s a bad deal he ended up not taking advantage of it.

It almost reminds me of like going to the grocery store where regardless if something is a great deal for you if no one else is getting it often that is enough for people not to get it too. Many times we actually have to see the deals for what it is for our own needs as opposed to what everyone else says. Because many times like this people could simply be saying the deal isn’t good for themselves.

A good example is if someone gets an employee discount then maybe a standard 15% sale on an item isn’t that great for them. However, for those who don’t normally get that discount it can be great. You always have to think for yourself too.

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