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Going On Trips or Buying Expensive Things With Your Money

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I was thinking as I was recently asked if I wanted to spend some time visiting another country where that would of course mean additional expenses such as having to buy flight tickets. While being frugal and all has provided me with a good amount of savings to do so if I wished, it just made me think of the things I could get as well for that much money where I could continue to use it for awhile. It made me think which one would you do?

People often say for things like money it should be about memory and experiences in life that people often regret. So in that sense one would say take the trips. But in this case just as an exaggerated example pretend you could get a $10,000 car that you would use for years or spend $10,000 on a memorable trip. In both cases you don’t actually need them too but it can make your life happier. Which one would make sense?

In this case I usually tend to think like say car is the better investment because one would probably get more use out of it. But at what point would you say the trip or vacation is better because it is once in a lifetime? Example, if it was to go visit a friend’s wedding that will cost you $10,000 is that worth it over the car? Or what if it is a once in a lifetime event like maybe there will be some kind of eclipse or something like that at an exact spot. Or would you just say just keep saving your money?

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