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Going To Boxing Day Just To Observe For Entertainment

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Every year there are boxing day sales after Christmas where just like Black Friday people have their wallets open and ready to spend for the year end deals. Although for the most part I feel the deals aren’t that great overall. In many cases you tend to buy something imply because you were ready to do so and don’t want to go empty handed. While at the mall I bumped into someone I knew and was curious if he bought anything.

His comment is probably very common nowadays where he was saying there wasn’t really anything worth going through the crazy lineups for. At the same time he felt most of the people there were simply walking around for the sake of seeing the crowds and which store actually has the longest line ups. In many ways it’s almost like treating a boxing day sales event like some kind of entertainment at a carnival.

Although even I have to admit that even I went through the mall just to observe what the madness is like and whether or not people are still going to the stores in waves as opposed to just shopping online. If I do shop too I usually just order it online as here they often have the same boxing day sales earlier. Are sales like these more like social gatherings for many people now too?

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