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Going By Your Time Or Another Person’s Time

This was something interesting to think about where I saw two consultants of sort where even though they ran a very similar business where they set up meetings to talk to clients for whatever the topic may be they had a completely different booking method for their business. For one person they asked people to tell him what the best time for them would be and afterwards he would try to accommodate that. The other person pretty much just gives people an option to choose specific times instead. Neither one was more successful than the other too by the looks of it based on the business direction.

It made me wonder, which one would you choose? In many ways I think setting the available times are better if it is for one on one time in many ways where you are busy. It just seems better as giving people too many choices, as weird as that may sound, can often complicate things I find. Kind of like people looking at a fast food restaurant menu that is so big where they can’t choose as a result. Then again allowing people to choose the times whenever and seeing if you can accommodate them may seem friendlier.

I have done both before and again find that designating specific times that people can request for you seems to be better. Unless they are like booking you for the whole day. I find it gives you more flexibility to age your schedules too in a more organized way. What do you prefer?

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