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Going Through With Legitimate Complaints

This made me upset today as I had a friend who decided to order a sandwich online from a fairly established restaurant chain as she couldn’t cook for the day. She specifically marked down to not have tomatoes in it as well due to an allergy. She didn’t think to inspect the item heavily once she got it and when she took a bite into it she realized it had tomatoes in it. As a result she got sick. I was then telling her too that she should complain as she has all the online ordering records as well to verify they messed up. Especially in this situation when it could affect a person’s health.

She mentioned she wouldn’t though as she didn’t believe it would make difference in the end. This made me want to do it myself as in my view if you don’t then who knows how many other customers they could have done that to. Another one of her reasons was that maybe the business was busy and so the employee messed up the order. Would you give the benefit of the doubt normally in these situations?

I personally think similar to reasons why people say competition is good is because it keeps businesses on its toes to provide the best. I think making complaints like these kind of serves the same purpose. As well, if it was simply a mishap how does someone know there is a problem if no one says anything? Exercise your right to get better service for what you paid for I think.

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