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Going To Stores On Black Friday More For Curiosity

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It was Black Friday today and I did indeed buy some items that I needed. However, all my shopping was done online mostly with companies like Amazon as the prices were virtually the same if not better at times. I still walked through the mall though out of curiosity to see what it was like and just in case there were any good unadvertised deals. It made me wonder how many people actually do things like the large lineups more for the social aspect.

That might sound funny but I even remember awhile back where people were lining up for some expensive wine and at the end a gentlemen got very emotional about it as it was all over. Basically it was more about meeting people with similar interests and now they had to say goodbye. I know a lot of tech people use it as an opportunity to mingle with others too.

I suppose if that is your reason to go through the enormous crowds it’s almost like just using it as a day of entertainment. Kind of funny business wise as many companies are trying to find ways to get people to go to the stores as opposed to online.

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