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Going To The Open Public To Try Out Your Products For Review

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I was actually kind of surprised recently to see how many companies are actually advertising for people to try out their products for free in exchange for an honest review of sort. While the concept isn’t new a lot of companies usually reserve this for people who seem to have a large influence in their field where of course the assumption is if popular people use your products or services then that will increase exposure and sales.

For the smaller business this can probably be a huge money sink if you are constantly only trying to target high profile people. So in seeing what some smaller companies were doing they were simply asking anyone and everyone to try apply to get a free product to try out. From what I saw it seemed pretty effective too as while they probably didn’t get an immediate large spike of interest they got a consistent variety of people this way.

Like many say you have to start somewhere where at times leveraging the efforts of a larger crowd overall as opposed to say one person can make more sense. Just closing the door on that option can be a mistake.

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