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Going In With No Real Business Plan

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Today I was talking with a few people about going ahead and working towards a project where we don’t know what will happen but thought it would be something interesting. I was thinking how in many ways this is very anti business like as I know most people would tell you that you need to sit down and draft out these long business plans to be organized. Instead, this is more of a it is something that we were passionate about and so lets see what happens.

I can’t say that I have never tried this approach as I have done it many times and when you think about it this can be the best way to approach things usually as many times the hardest step is actually doing something. Even though this is our direction at the moment I still felt that you need to at least write down your basic objective and workflow on paper. Kind of like making a speech where while I don’t necessarily need to have the entire speech in-front of me it’s good to have notes encase you find yourself getting out of focus at what you were truly trying to accomplish.

I think what is most interesting about doing things with no business plan is that you don’t have much of an expectation to try and copy the way others do things but instead you are more focused in working off whatever success you achieve on the way. Afterwards I think you would slowly continue to build on what is bringing you in the most results and then investing your time into those areas.

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