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Going In Circles To Keep A Phone Number

This was kind of interesting. There was a scenario where a person is moving into another household where everyone will sign up under one big package to save money. Imagine say five people getting a phone line each from a bundle as opposed to each person signing up for their own packages which would be more expensive.

The roadblock was that the person was interested in keeping their old number when they move. When they inquired about this from the provider they said that it wasn’t possible as they would have to just transfer the account to the new address. Hence, the person would have to be billed separately with their own package.

To me this made no sense as I was thinking you could technically signup with a different provider who would allow you to keep your old number at the new address. Then if you really want to go back to the old provider you can just ask that this number be taken from the competitor as you resign up with them. Sure enough, you could do it this way which made them wonder why they couldn’t just avoid the hassle in the first place and just directly port the number over.

It looked like it was simply one of those situations where the person working at the customer service just got a little lazy. Kind of interesting that you need to give people examples like these at times to make them realize that what you are requesting shouldn’t have to cost you more money or that it is impossible otherwise.

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