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Giving Discounts And Free Offers On People’s Birthdays

I actually see this more on TV shows than reality where on the character’s birthday you see them going to a bunch of stores to take advantage of birthday offers such as free food and accommodations. Although at times there are funny bits such as going to an ice-cream store and the free birthday offer is like a shot glass of ice cream. But it makes you wonder, is giving your customers a special birthday offer a worthwhile investment to increase company loyalty?

For example, I know some places such as Shopper’s Drug Mart offer customers this bonus of spending $50 to get 20,000 points as a birthday offer. You still have to spend money but that’s not a bad offer if you were going to buy some kind of essentials anyhow. So would you be inclined to shop with them more because of the birthday offer? Or would you just see it as a potential extra benefit where you will just go to anyone that offers you any free to stuff and tomorrow you will simply forget that nice gesture?

I’m inclined to say if you can offer something like that it can only help as technically not everyone does it for their customers which can be a great way to stand out while at the same time saying thank you for being a customer.

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