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Giving Crowdfunded Products As A Christmas Gift

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I was reading some tech stuff on various crowdfunding sites today where an interesting theme was how judging by backer comments many people were buying pretty expensive stuff as Christmas gifts. Of course that is based on the crowdfunder claiming the item will ship on time. What I was thinking about though was how many times we spend so much money on name brand stuff that many people often imply that they want. In this case though people are shopping based on features and functionality where in many ways the product is a “no name” item.

I was thinking how this is probably more fun in many ways as both the giver and the receiver would want to try the item right away to see if it actually works as advertised. Of course one thing that popped in my mind is how many people forget that giving your money to crowdfunding projects isn’t exactly the same as say pre-ordering an item at a retail store. You have to remember that you are essentially like an investor in these situations where the project can potentially go sour. Afterwards you may be hard pressed to get your money back.

If I was to do this I would probably treat it more like a “stocking stuffer” in many ways since it is a brand new item from an unproven company in most cases. But always keep that in mind if you are thinking of buying these types of things as a gift as you are funding a business in hopes that they deliver.

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