Giving Away Stuff You Never Opened
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Giving Away Stuff You Never Opened

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I heard some funny conversations today in regards to items that people buy where they have yet to even open the box. This ranged from $200+ vacuum cleaners various clothing items. For the most part these sounded like purchases that were a result of product demonstrations that they saw which made the product look very good. Someone then mentioned since it was Christmas time maybe they should just give it to someone as a present.

That’s not too bad of an idea if you are one of those people with perfectly good items that you bought prematurely where they are still in its original box. Or maybe you bought it thinking that you would need it but it didn’t end up that way. For example, I remember one time I was getting ready to buy everything needed to hook up a new Internet service at a new place. Therefore, I did my research and bought things like a good wireless router. However, I ended up not needing it as the company was apparently now simply giving customers an updated router for free as long as you are subscribed with them.

Like in that example, as a result I had the item still sitting in the box. A few months later I knew someone who needed one and that it would make a good gift for them. As a result, I gave it as a gift. People usually say you should always just sell items like these, but thinking on who you can give them to as gifts can be just as good of an idea to help you save time and money. Either way, it’s better than simply doing nothing with it.

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