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Girl Scout Selling Cookies At A Marijuana Store

This was definitely an eyebrow raiser but kind of smart of you think about it. There was a story on how a fully legalize marijuana store had a girl scout outside its building selling cookies. They were promoting this through social media as well which generated a bit of attention. It’s a traditional way to raise money of course where the location where one does it is the surprise.

I was thinking how if that girl did that intentionally knowing it would get that kind of reaction that is pretty smart in many ways. So many times in a business setting people try the craziest and most expensive things to stand out where in this example something as simple as the location can be all you need. Does that mean you should be selling beef hamburgers at a vegetarian festival though? That wouldn’t be a good idea.

At the same time this probably wouldn’t work of course if an adult was doing this. Conceptually I would say the shock factor is you don’t expect a child o be at a place like this so if an adult did something of the reverse the reactions would probably be similar. The psychology of generating a reaction I guess you can say when it comes to selling stuff.

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