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Gifting Clearance Chocolate

It seems like a ton of stores are having clearance sales of all the Valentine’s Day chocolate that they couldn’t get rid of. They are really good deals too such as chocolates that would normally cost about $14 is reduced down to about $2. Normally in these cases I mostly hear people wanting to buy them to consume for themselves. But there are some people who use this as an opportunity to stock up for the next holiday.

For example, there are a lot of chocolate eggs on sale which you could use for the upcoming Easter Holiday. Why not if you were planning to giveaway chocolate and candy? Although I was told of a story before on how someone literally never opened their boxes of chocolate that was gifted to them during the Christmas time. So they actually re-gifted these chocolates to other people in the next year. That didn’t turn out too well as apparently the box was full of bugs afterwards when opened. Gross.

If you are going to gift them then you should be mindful that it should be done in the very near future. You would think that would be obvious right? But either way there is a ton of chocolate on sale for you to take advantage of. I know small stores usually love this too as they can buy it cheap and resell at the regular retail price.

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