Gift Items That Seem Too Overpriced
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Gift Items That Seem Too Overpriced

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My nephew’s birthday is coming up and apparently he told my dad exactly what he wanted. It’s this lego set that happens to be Minecraft themed. The thing is, this item costs over $100. So while the money itself wasn’t too big of an issue, the notion of paying $100 for lego pieces was extremely discouraging. He then asked if I could find a better deal or think of something else.

It’s almost like someone telling you all they want is an apple and the store happens to sell them at $20 a piece. Under other circumstances you would probably say no way. But it sure gets tricky when it comes to getting someone else a gift huh? These are pretty much the only exceptions where I would potentially overpay for an item if I was dead set in getting the person exactly what they wanted. The only thing you can really do is contact all the people you know to see if you can get a good discount off of it.

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