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Getting To Know The Busy Hours

I was invited to go to a restaurant today and the person wanted to get there before a specific time.  I always assumed this place was pretty packed too even in non-traditional peak hours.  Upon arriving though we were able to get seating pretty easily.  The funny thing was that literally in like one minute people started to pour in and the person was telling me how if you know the peak times you can sure save yourself a lot of time from having to wait.

Even I was impressed at how precise that turned out as you can sure be a lot more productive in your day by knowing when the crowds would form at various businesses at specific times.   Usually we would rely on the last minute way of dropping by and seeing if there is a lineup.  If there is then we move on to the next item on our list in hopes that the lineup dies down.  Knowing all the traffic ahead of time sure makes it less stress free.

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